Our Guarantee

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Our Bio-Protective Processing™ Protects and Provides

• The structure of all the individual nutrients in the Aloe
• The Life-Force held in the intricate structure of the whole Aloe complex as originally designed by Nature

Our Bio-Protected™ Aloe in Herbal Aloe Force® is guaranteed

to never experience any applied heat at any time and to never even experience ambient temperatures of above 90° F at any time during processing. This protects both the structure of all the nutrients in the Aloe as well as the biological design of the entire Aloe complex.

Our Bio-Protected™ aloe is guaranteed

to never have water added or removed and never to be concentrated. Our processing never uses any damaging filtering. Thus the complete Aloe in the proportions Nature originally designed is protected and provided.

Although other Aloe products may claim to be immune enhancing,

unless you have a written guarantee as to its processing methods and the structure and form of the fresh Aloe is protected, you can assume that any immune enhancement effects may be due mainly to the indirect immune enhancing properties discussed above.

Keeping the Aloe as close to the fresh plant’s original design as possible delivers the most potent and biologically effective Aloe. Drinking in the full promise of the fresh Aloe plant in Herbal Aloe Force® will deliver the full range of immune enhancing properties.


“There is no Healing Force like Nature” TM

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